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Studio Notes

September 4th 2016

What's next

Now that the cart and download delivery stuff is up and running, I'll begin adding more NEW sounds to the sound library. The temptation to just pull sounds in from the archives is tempting, but the intention here is a fresh start with new content. This isn't going to be "how-many-sounds-within-the-current-trends-can-I-quickly-come-up-with-to-turn-a-profit". That stuff is exceptionally well covered by all the major sound/sample/loop companies allready. Nor will there be repackaging/recycling of archive materials into new configurations. Sony was the king of repackaging old content into new packaging.

To me, sound creation and painting sounds into compositions on an audio canvas, is an artform. An artform of personal expression and artisan skill. The most tactile way I can think of, to shape and create sound, is to have a hand in creating the very tools that create the sounds. For me, there is no other way.

This is why I'm building an analog modular system from parts kits. It's not quite all the way to actually designing and making my own circuit boards, but you never know what might happen further down this path. It's also why I go out and record my own field recordings.

Assembling the ingredients of the paint, that's going on the canvas, makes the process more personal, more individual and forms a bond between artist and tool. It's what's behind that certain, intangible, difference between mass produced items, and those created by hand.

Paia VCO Spetember 4th 2016