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Studio Notes

September 17th 2016

Took a breather from soldering the Paia VCO this past week. During the course of soldering, I kept getting to a point where it would take forever to get the solder to flow to a connection. So I checked the Oracle (Google) and learned about keeping the soldering tip "tinned" with solder. All this time I have been burning through soldering tips (though they are cheap for this inexpensive Radio Shack pencil soldering iron) and struggling with slow to flow solder etc...Low and behold, the missing ingredient is to keep the soldering tip tinned with solder!

Now soldering is way faster per connection and the parts won't get overheated during soldering and it just makes kit building that much easier and enjoyable. It also significantly cuts down on assembly time. The VCO board is fully stuffed with parts now, just the flying wires, potntiometers,knobs, and panel to go.