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Studio Notes

October 11th 2016

2 weeks of module building, trouble shooting, tuning and completeting 3 new modules for system. The 4th module, a 9747 Passive Mixer/Splitter, was ordered pre-assembled, as the current run of these modules have TRS plug holes that were manufactured too small and need to be drilled out by PAiA for assembly. The 9700 midi2cv8 had a recalled IC that had to be changed out, before tuning the new 9720 Dual VCO. While waiting on the part, I assembled a 9746 Patch Bay, and began work on the patchbook, that I'll use for saving patch set-ups.

The VCO tuning was a challenge to figure out, but once it was worked out, the 9720 Dual VCO callibrated to 4 octaves pretty decently. Need to assemble a few more modules, then I can get back to sound development for the online library.


PAiA 9700 midi2cv8
PAiA 9720 Dual VCO
PAiA 9730 VCF
PAiA 9744 Dual CV Source
PAiA 9746 Patch Bay
PAiA 9747 Passive Mixer/Splitter
PAiA 9748 Balanced Modulator
PAiA 9751 Noise Source
PAiA 9752 Sample and Hold
PAiA 9754 Preamplifier